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Support Staff

Schools are more than just students and teachers. Numerous support staff provides services that contribute to student achievement. Interventionists, behavioralists, paraprofessionals, speech pathologists, teacher assistants, school nurses, librarians, and substitutes/guest teachers to name a few. These professionals tend to be undercompensated and overworked. As Trustee, I will focus my attention on ensuring that DSUSD support more staff to provide these services and ensure proper compensation. 


Transparency looks different to each stakeholder. For parents, transparency needs to be more town halls, more opportunity to  have input in policy, and having an easy way to access information. For teachers, transparency is having their expertise respected, being included in policy creation, and having  an accessible administration. As Trustee, I would help bring the parents, teachers, and staff together and make sure all voices are part of policy creation. 


The world is constantly changing. New science discoveries, history being written, new books being written every day, and our curriculum should be the same.  As a Trustee, I will make sure our District's curriculum from tk to 12 is modernized and providing an equitable education. 

Learning Environment

School is more than a desk, a book, and a teacher. The environment where students learn and teachers teach can make or break success. ​After the pandemic, we have seen a dramatic increase in class size across the district. We need to address this issue with class size caps, teacher retention programs, and recruitment. 

Mental Health Care

If the Pandemic taught us anything, it is that our schools and students' mental health go hand in hand. To provide an education AND an environment our children can thrive, Desert Sands Unified School District needs to address the mental health issue head on. Currently, we have 1 counselor for every 400 high school and middle school students. For elementary school, we have 1 counselor for the entire school. As Trustee, I will make it my goal to improve these numbers. Go above and beyond to find funding and add more counselors, school nurses, and provide community outreach programs. 

Art and Music Education

I have seen first hand how Art and Music programs can change students. There is no reason for a school to lack these programs. As Trustee, at the first opportunity, I will help create policy and goals to have  certificated art and music teachers at each one of our schools. 

School Safety

Our Students and their grownups need to feel when coming to school. We need to address building concerns, modernize our systems, and update all safety plans. This includes update parents on evacuation and reunification plans.

Increase Vocational Opportunities

DSUSD has many opportunities for vocational courses and experiences, however they are school site specific and have limited seats. As Trustee, I will work with our Valley's resources and increase vocational opportunities. A student's home school should not be the factor to not gain valuable vocational expireance. 

"I am a product of public education, my children attend Desert Sands Unified District Schools, and I have been in classrooms throughout the Valley. I have seen our great students thrive and grow into amazing community leaders. I have seen our teachers provide a quality education, mentorship, and social emotional development. As Trustee, I will bring my knowledge, passion, and experience to create student centered policy. I will give our students, teachers, and schools what they need to provide a comprehensive, equitable education and the social services our students and community deserve"
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