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Purple Sky

"I am running for school board to continue my multi-year advocacy through public office and represent every student, parent, and staff in the district. I am a DSUSD Parent, a DSUSD educator, and a leader for our students and schools. I advocate for every  student to have the tools and resources they need to thrive academically and personally. Each and every school site must have the resources they need, the staff necessary, and the expertise on hand to help every student succeed."


New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Schools

I am mom of 2 children in the district. Since my children's first day in kindergarten, I have been an active member of the DSUSD community. Classroom volunteer, school volunteer, and I served as Secretary on the School Site Council during the 2019-2021 school years. I have seen my children thrive, teachers give their all, and the school changing lives. I have also seen the struggles. Every member of the family went virtual in 2020 and I saw the passion, dedication, commitment from teachers and staff. 


I started my journey as  wildlife educator here in the Coachella Valley (The Living Desert) and Minnesota. Whether at the zoo or bringing the zoo into classrooms, I taught students across this valley. It was here I saw the power of education. At the start or the pandemic, I saw a need in our district. Our teachers were performing miracles. They were learning new technology, creating platforms, and teaching their students. They needed support. I became a Guest Teacher (substitute). I worked virtually and then in person throughout the district. At the start the of 2021 school year, I became the Art Specialist at Gerald Ford Elementary. In this role, I provided a classroom for each student to express their creativity in a verity of ways. 


I will bring my experience as a DSUSD Parent, educator, and advocate for all students. I am the only candidate who has shown up to advocate for our students and schools before any election or campaign. From 2020 to present day, I speak at board meetings and fight for student success. My campaign is about our students and schools.


My Approach as a trustee will be vastly different from what Desert Sands has seen in the past. I will not be the type of leader to quietly create policy and show up only when necessary. I will be a Trustee who goes out and sees the policy implemented first hand; I will be a Trustee who will bring all voices together to listen and collaborate; I will be a trustee who will increase transparency with our community, staff, and students; I will be a Trustee for ALL Students, parents, schools, teachers, and staff.


Thanks for submitting!

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